About Us

Our vision at XDT is to create the safer drivers of the future by establishing strong foundations based on well developed safer driving skills and clear understanding of the road rules, legislation, consequences of crashes and breaking the law.

We at XDT are all former Driver Testers of the RTA, RMS or Service NSW. As a result we all have extensive training on the NSW road rules, safer driving and closely monitoring, observing and explaining these skills. Having thorough understanding of the Road Users Handbook, the Testing Officers Manual, Driving Test Procedure and the Guide to the Driving Test, we are well positioned to provide facts, comfort, confidence and quell any unnecessary anxieties about the Driving Test.

Try not to think of it as a test but a simple, non complex drive around the area to show your ability to operate a vehicle independently and in a low risk way. The drive is solely focused on observing, and rewarding drivers that show behaviour likely to result in a lower risk of being involved in a crash. Tips from the Testers.