Payment Policy

    This policy details how XDT Driving Instructors collects payments for driving lessons & how driving instructors are invoiced.

  1. Learner pricing
    1. XDT Driving Instructors sets the single lesson price the learner driver pays, the single lesson price may vary based on the learner's location and from time to time.
    2. All available instructors presented to a learner driver will be the same price per lesson. There is no price competition amongst instructors within the XDT Driving Instructors platform.
    3. Learners cannot book further lessons with an instructor until the instructor has received full payment.
    4. Lesson durations are 1hr, 1.5hr and 2hrs only.
    5. There are only two variables that will impact the price a learner pays for a lesson:
      1. Location: XDT Driving Instructors at its discretion and based on local market conditions, may choose to increase or decrease lesson prices in a location.
      2. Volume discounts: Learners are provided incentive to buy lesson packages and are rewarded with discounts for upfront purchases. Discounts can also be achieved when learners make additional lesson purchases.
    6. Any volume discounts applied are directly related to the single lesson price for the location. XDT Driving Instructors offer the following prices and discounts for the purchase of lessons or multiple lessons in one upfront payment:
      1. Standard price
        1. 1hr lesson $70,
        2. 1.5hr lesson or test simulation $105,
        3. 2hr lesson or test simulation $137.
      2. 5hr pack $335.
      3. 10hr pack $650.
      4. 20hr pack $1260.
      5. Lesson (1.5hr Lesson) and Test Day Pack $150.
    7. A 10% surcharge of the standard 1hr lesson $70 per hour ($70x10%=$7) or part there of will be applied to public holidays, after business hours and night hours during Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT). Business hours being from 7am to 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and 7am to 7pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) Night hours means the time between sunset to sunrise.
    8. Learners can receive discounts on additional lessons purchased after lesson one (1) to complete a 5hr, 10hr or 20hr pack, discounts only apply to the additional or new lessons purchased. The discount pack applied is determined by the total number of lessons purchased, including previous purchases.

      Example: A learner who has already purchased a 1hr lesson and subsequently makes an additional purchase of 4 more lessons. Total lessons purchased is now 5. A 5hr lesson pack at $335 minus the $70 already paid leaves $265. This results in the learner paying full price for lesson 1 and receiving a pack discount on lessons 2-5.
    9. At the time of each lesson or lesson package purchase, the revenue allocated to each lesson is calculated (see previous point) and set within the XDT Driving Instructors platform. This will determine the revenue paid to instructors as each lesson is delivered. Regardless of how many lessons are purchased or how many separate purchases are made, each lesson has a fixed amount calculated and allocated to it. See examples provided below:
      1. Single upfront purchase of 1hr lesson at a time: Purchase falls into the standard price bracket of $70 per/hr, therefore no discount applied;
      2. Single upfront purchase of 10 lessons: Purchase falls into the 10hr pack, therefore a discount equal to $5 off the single lesson price is applied to all 10 lessons.
    10. A learner can change instructors at any time and the lesson payment allocation remains unaffected. It is plausible an instructor could be delivering only the final 2hrs of a 10 lesson package, the new instructor will therefore be paid by XDT driving Instructors $65 per/hr based on the lesson price averaged across the 10hr pack purchased and invoiced accordingly.
  2. Cancellations & rescheduling
    1. The learner will incur no charge for a cancelled lesson 24 hours or more prior to the lesson start time.
    2. A learner can reschedule a lesson 24 hours or more prior to the lesson start time. The learner will incur no charge to reschedule.
    3. The learner will incur no charge for a cancelled lesson and test pack 48 hours or more prior to the test start time.
    4. A learner can reschedule a lesson and test pack 48 hours or more prior to the test start time. The learner will incur no charge to reschedule.
    5. Within 24 hrs of a lesson start time, a learner cannot cancel or reschedule a lesson. XDT Driving Instructors will assume the lesson is proceeding and standard payment authorisation notification is sent to the instructor after the lesson time expires. If the lesson did not proceed enforcement of the cancellation policy and authorisation of payment is at the sole discretion of the instructor. There are only two possible scenarios:
      1. Enforce cancellation policy and authorise full payment.
      2. Waive the payment entirely allowing the learner to rebook their lesson with no charge taken.
    6. If a lesson is cancelled or rescheduled within 24hrs of the lesson start time any new booking will need to be paid in advance via electronic funds transfer and received before the new booking will be confirmed.
    7. If a lesson and test pack is cancelled or rescheduled within 48hrs of the lesson start time any new booking will need to be paid in advance via electronic funds transfer and received before the new test booking will be confirmed.
    8. Instructor invoicing is $15 per 1hr lesson plus 10% GST, regardless of package purchased and is not directly related to the price a learner pays for each individual lesson. The more the learner pays, the more the instructor receives.
    9. Volume discounts applied to lesson prices reduce the revenue received the instructor.
    10. Regardless of how many lessons a learner has purchased, instructor invoicing is billed on a lesson by lesson basis.
    11. Instructors authorise payment at the completion of each lesson. The learner does not participate in the authorisation process.
    12. XDT Driving Instructors invoices each instructor weekly. All accrued & authorised (by the instructor) lesson payments within the week are combined into one payment. Along with invoice, the instructor receives a transaction report providing the number of lessons being invoiced for the week.
  3. Lesson payment authorisation
    1. At the time a Learner books a lesson, XDT Driving Instructors allocates the lesson revenue to be collected by the instructor.
    2. At the completion of a scheduled lesson time, the instructor will be asked to authorise their own lesson payment. This is a very simple process and allows a certain level of flexibility if for some reason the lesson didn’t occur as scheduled:
      1. Lesson completed: Instructor updates the calendar booking system.
      2. Lesson not completed: Instructor updates the calendar booking system and sends text or email notification. The instructor chooses when asked to confirm if the lesson took place. This response generates a secondary question to the instructor, asking them if they wish to enforce full payment for the lesson that did not take place:
        1. Yes: Payment will collected as normal and scheduled to be invoiced in the next weekly invoice.
        2. No: Full lesson payment will be returned to the learner and available for the booking of another lesson.
      3. Note: If the learner had no further credit in their account, they will be unable to book further lessons until the lesson payment has been returned.
    3. If a completed lesson has not been authorised by the instructor within the invoiced week, the full lesson payment will be assumed collected and invoiced at $15 per hr plus 10% GST. The instructor can log into their calendar booking portal at any time and authorise any outstanding payments for completed lessons.
  4. Refund of lesson payments
    1. From time to time XDT Driving Instructors may receive requests to refund lesson payments. XDT Driving Instructors will investigate all requests and at its sole discretion make a determination whether a refund should be paid.
    2. If XDT Driving Instructors believes a lesson payment should be refunded to the learner, the instructor & XDT Driving Instructors will forfeit their full revenue share for the lesson. The instructor revenue portion for the lesson will be recovered via one of the following methods:
      1. If the lesson payment has not yet been invoiced by XDT Driving Instructors, the allocated share will be deducted from the instructors’ next client lesson on the weekly invoice.
      2. If the instructor has paid the lesson invoice, XDT Driving Instructors will deduct the equivalent payment from the instructors’ next weekly invoice.
    3. Following are some of the scenarios where a lesson payment could be refunded:
      1. It is brought to XDT Driving Instructors attention that the initial payment received was fraudulent or unauthorised by the cardholder.
      2. The instructor authorised a lesson payment for a lesson the learner did not receive due to the instructor's actions, not the learners. e.g. the instructor did not turn-up and complete the lesson.
      3. A complaint is received and it is determined that the instructor breached the XDT Driving Instructors Instructor Terms and Conditions.

      This list is not exhaustive and XDT Driving Instructors reserves the right to refund payments to learners on a case by case basis, upon the review of any complaints received.

  5. Expense recovery
  6. XDT Driving Instructors incurs significant transaction and payout fees as a result of collecting and passing on revenue to a high volume of instructors. XDT Driving Instructors absorbs the vast majority of these fees. In the case of debt collection all additional cost incured are payable by the debtor as set and enforsed by the debt collection agency.

    Instructor invoice accounts will be charged 10% GST per week as a transaction fee expense recovery. This will be added to any invoice. This fee is only charged if there are lessons invoiced within an invoice week, it will not be charged or carried over if no lesson invoice is due in a week.

    As an example, if an instructor completed 15 lessons with XDT Driving Instructors learners in a week, they could earn up to $1050.00 of which XDT Driving Instructors invoice the instructor $15 per lesson hr ($225.00). 10% GST ($225.00 x 10% = $22.50) would be charged to the invoice for the week, reducing each lessons payment by an effective amount of only $1.50.

    This policy may be updated from time to time.